Nothing beats hearing from current students. Below are some testimonials graciously provided by some our students.

"I'm a 50-year-old female who was at first reluctant to even consider any kind of self-defense class. However, at my husband's urging, I decided to give it a try. At first, it seemed so foreign for me as a woman to be attempting to kick or punch an opponent. Yet, after a year and a half I am now enjoying doing that very thing. I have more confidence than I used to in my ability to defend myself should the need arise. I still have much to learn but am thankful for what I have been taught thus far. My goal is to eventually reach the black belt level. Many thanks to my instructor who has been very patient with me even when I make mistakes. He is a great teacher!" -- Sandy

"I really like going to Blue Komet. Erich is very good. He brings the best out in me." -- Damon age 10

"Since beginning two year ago at Blue Komet, I have noticed the differences not only in my personal life but also in the lives of other students. Classes and training have aided my flexibility, stamina, mental abilities, and even weight loss (Results vary for each individual :). The opportunity to train in an environment which honors not only the tenets of TKD, but also the basic Christian principles is an enjoyable experience. I work with teens and children in my profession, and seeing teens and children mature at Blue Komet delights my heart. Children and teens learn to respect not only authority, but each other. Not only do they respect others, but learn to do their best all the time by persevering through physical workouts and mental exercises. I appreciate each instructor's desire to personally interact with the students during class. Blue Komet TKD incorporates many of the life lessons I desire to instill into the lives of my life and that of my family..that is why my family and I take classes at BKTKD." -- Art

"We started coming to Blue Komet TKD right from the start. We love the fact that we can get the whole family involved; and having the kids playroom right next to the dojo mat is invaluable and very thoughtful. Erich and Katerina are very talented black belts in TKD and have the ability to instruct from the very youngest to the oldest of students. We appreciate Erich's dojo which is both professional and family friendly; that makes Blue Komet a rare gem to find." -- Ben from Annville

"What I like most about Blue Komet TKD first is Mr. Erich. He is a great instructor and he keeps us going. Second is learning my hapkidos. My favorite form Mr. Erich has taught me is Sword Form 1. Mr. Erich makes class so much fun when we play dodge ball. Some of the most important things I have learned is don't give up, stay focused and respect." -- Issac age 10.