We offer 2 plans for our students, once a week classes or twice a week classes. The once a week class plan works well for those wishing to learn our Hapkido/Self Defense curriculum.

   $50.00/month - class once a week.

   $95.00/month - classes twice a week.

   $145.00/month - Families of 4 or more, class once a week.

   $290.00/month - Families of 4 or more, classes twice a week..

Introductory Offers

We offer two introductory plans. Both cover a 2 months time period. Details are below

   $95.00: 2 months of classes (1 x week) includes a free uniform.

   $190.00: 2 months of classes (2 x week)includes a free uniform.


We do our best to keep fees down for our students. To assist we have a generous referral plan for students who refer new students to our school. Referrals are not one time; they stay in effect, lowering your monthly fee on a constant basis. Ask us for details!