Activities for Kids

We realize some of our little students require different approaches to teaching thus we have developed some tools to assist us.

Splits Club
To encourage stretching we have the Splits Club. Students who achieve a perfect straddle split or front to back split will have their photo taken and placed on our Splits Club page, as well as have it posted at the school.

Belt Stickers
Sometimes the material and goals for younger students can be daunting or seem to be overwhelming. To assist we have belt stickes that our younger students can earn by displaying some of the Tenets of Taekwondo, or performing a certain kick or hapkido to perfection. These stickers are placed on the belt so the student can proudly wear them while at the school.

Uniform Stars
We have Gold, Red and Blue uniform stars. Students are encouraged to bring in their report cards. If they get all A's they get a Gold star, all A's and B's is a Red star. We also give Blue stars for students that do some form of community service. We ask that parents help us validate it. Stars can be sewn on the uniform so students can display the results of hard work.

Taekwondo Dodgeball
At the end of some classes we play short games of Taekwondo Dodgeball. This game even though fun, we have changed the rules some to wrap in the ability to practice some of their techniques. They practice without knowing.

Taekwondo Says
At the end of some classes we play modified game of Simon Says called Taekwondo Says, this tests the students focus and is quite fun. Sometimes the kids beat the adults!

Relays/Form Competition
During classes we have relay races where students perform kicks, punches and other techniques in the form of a race. We also have small competitions where one student will compete against another doing a form with some adult students judging.