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Welcome to Blue Komet Taekwondo!

We are located just outside Palmyra near the Reigle Airport in Annville, PA (Our location). Our website is filled with information to aid you as your explore Taekwondo, Hapkido and martial arts in general. If you have questions, visit our questions page. We also have testimonials from current students as well as photos because a picture is worth a thousand words. We invite you to visit our dojang and either watch a class or participate for free! Come and see what Taekwondo can do for you! We welcome both adults and children ages 5 and older.

  • School Rules ▪ Our rules and guidelines.
  • Lineage ▪ School owner and his grandmaster information.
  • Links ▪ Other related sites of interest.
  • Contact Us ▪ How to contact us for further information.

The Tenets of Taekwondo

  • Courtesy ▪ Taekwondo students should attempt to be polite and respect others.
  • Integrity ▪ Taekwondo students should strive to be honest and to live by godly moral principles.
  • Self Control ▪ Taekwondo students must practice self-control.
  • Perseverence ▪ Taekwondo students should have patience.
  • Indomnitable Spirit ▪ A true student of Taekwondo will never give up.
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